Tuareg lock vintage Tribal Lock with Keys

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  • Handmade
  • Vintage from the 1970s
  • Ships from a small business in


  • Materials: Brass
  •   Old African Tuareg Tribal Jewelry Lock and Key
    This old tribal lock was handcrafted during the early to mid 1900’s for the Tuareg tribe of northern Africa. Locks like these were the purview of tribal women, who enjoyed equal status to men and were entrusted with safekeeping tribal valuables.

    The slot for the key is hidden within the assembly. Folding over the loops on the removable bottom secure the assembly in place. This lock does not open.

    Handcrafted of sturdy silver, copper brass, this collectible vintage African lock has classic Tuareg designs, representing the four directions for navigation, rare water sources, and decorative sconces.

    Collectible and intriguing one-of-a-kind African Tuareg tribal lock and key.

    Dispose de ✧❂✧—✧❂✧—

    Matériel ◈ : brass
    Région de ◈ : Afrique, Afrique du Nord, Maghreb, Maroc, vallée du Draa
    La culture ◈ : africain, berbère,touareg
    Nom vernaculaire ◈ : targi kfal
    ◈ utiliser : door lock

    ◈ technique : argent et bronze
    Poids ◈ : 200 g
    Longueur ◈ :10 cm
    Largeur ◈ : 7 cm


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