Tuareg Hammer Sugar Vintage



  • Handmade
  • Vintage from the 1970s
  • Ships from a small business in


  • Materials: brass, cuivre

  •   Tuareg Hammer – African Currency – Mauritanie

    Mid 20th century. Bronze, cuivre gr. 507.. 22 high x cm. 14 cm width

    Authentic old Tuareg hammer, decorated with traditional geometric designs. These hammers are used by Tuareg to break blocks of sugar.

    The Tuareg people inhabit a large area, covering almost all the middle and western Sahara and the north-central Sahel. They are probably descended from the ancient Libyan people of the kingdom of the Garamantes, described by Herodotus. Tuareg are mostly nomads. For over two millennia, the Tuareg operated the trans-Saharan caravan trade connecting the great cities on the southern edge of the Sahara via five desert trade routes to the northern coast of Africa (Mediterranean).

    AGE: 1880/1940

    MATÉRIEL: brass cuivre


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