Portefeuille Touareg En Cuir Fait a Main, Touareg Sac Cuir


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AGE: 2009

MATÉRIEL: leather camel

TAILLE: 50 cm sur 14 cm

The touareg family of Niger has been making jewelry for more than 25 generations.
They are famous for their high quality hand crafted jewelry – using 99.99% pure fine silver,
ebony and semi precious stones. The traditionally nomadic Tuareg are indigenous to the Sahara desert.
They are often called “the Blue People of the desert” due to the indigo dye they use on their garments that stains their skin.
The tuareg family collective lives in both Agadez and Niamey, Niger.
Over 50 silversmiths present their artistry. Each piece is hand hammered,
beautifully engraved with the symbolism and motifs of countless generations.
Proceeds support an entire community’s culture and craft.

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