African Tuareg Plate Wood Kasriya Couscous Plate , berber zagora plate wood


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  • Vintage from the 1980s
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  • Materials: wood

African Tuareg Plate Wood Kasriya Couscous Plate , berber zagora plate wood

This vintage Tuareg serving bowl, called a Kasriya, was sourced from the southern Moroccan town of Zagora. Traditionally used for serving the requisite Friday couscous, this polished ebony wood bowl has a large inlaid carved Khannjar dagger made of camel bone. Additional carved circular camel bone pieces have been inlaid and stained with henna for a slight orange tone.

Nailed into the base of the bowl are seven copper-nickel coins dating to the French Protectorate era of Moroccan rule. Although nearly pounded to obscurity, the coins date this item from the early to mid-1900s and have had a border tapped into them. Silver melange repousse flowers provide further decoration, along with decorative metal rivets.

The sides of the bowl have four hand-forged silver melange Tuareg Southern Crosses, a common motif representing compasses used to cross the Sahara Desert. The coins are again nearly obliterated, but are henna-dyed brass-plated steel coins from Libya, an area also known for Tuareg nomads. Large silver metal rivets complete the visually pleasing pattern of colors and metals.

AGE: 1970s

MATÉRIEL: wood bois

TAILLE: 52 cm / 52 cm

POIDS: 3200 grammes

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